Industrial Candelabra





Introduction: Industrial Candelabra

A fun creative way to change the lighting in your home. Ideal for office, workshop, or night light

Step 1: Materials

2 Servalite

2 1in x 3/4in Black Reducer Coupling

5 3/4in Black Tee

2 25w Tubular bulb

1 6ft cable

1 Lamp light switch

1 Oatey pipe joint compound glue

1 Roll of electric tape

4 3/4in black cap

1 3/4in hose bibb

9 3/4in black steel pipe nipple

8 3/4in black 90 degree street elbow

2 wire connectors

Step 2: Screw Pipe Nipples

Place pipe joint glue on one end of all 8 steel pipe nipples and screw into black tee, as shown above.

Step 3: Electrical Cable Insertion

Screw electrical cable into servalite.

Screw black tees to hose bibb as shown above.

Step 4: Continue Cable

Insert electrical cable through black tee and reducer coupling

Step 5: Continue Cable

Continue connecting until all pieces are used.

Step 6: Connect Ends

When finished connecting tubes separate cables and connect each end from each wire.

Add another wire to each end using wire connectors, this wire will connect to the lamp light switch (use electrical tape around wires for double protection)

Insert all wire connectors into the tee.

Step 7: Screw Hole in Cap

Make a hole in one of the black caps and insert wire.

Screw cap to the steel pipe and pull wire through.

Step 8: Separate and Cut Wire

1 foot from the lamp separate wire in two and cut one.

Using the wire that was cut wrap each end to both of the screws in the light switch and place the uncut wire in the space above.

Step 9: Finish Switch

After putting the wires through the switch, close switch and pull through wire.

Connect end of wire to plug, now your lamp is ready to use!!!

Step 10: Complete

Step 11:



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    10 Discussions

    what size of seralte did you use how did you keep then in the reducer. I find one with too large of a base to use.

    what size of seralte did you use how did you keep then in the reducer. I find one with too large of a base to use.

    Nice innovative idea, however I wish you had used LEDs rather than those inefficient room heaters.

    What a clever use for a faucet. I am faving. thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous spring!


    great look,
    did u buy the materials online if so can u send the link?

    nice works

    That's awesome! I love the industrial look! I also love how you laid all the pieces out for us to see :)