Picture of Industrial Candle Holder


For use with a regular tea candle

I made this at techshop

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Step 1: Scrap from TechShop

Picture of Scrap from TechShop

Check the scrap bin, for this I used 16 gauge steel from the scrap bin

Step 2: Cut to Size

Picture of Cut to Size

Cut the pieces to a rough size. I used the beverly to get an approximate size. It is industrial so it is okay if it is a rough fit

Step 3: Hole Punch

Picture of Hole Punch

Just to let the light out, use the punch and throw a few holes in it. Again, not scientific about it.

Step 4: Bend It

Picture of Bend It

I used the break to give it a squared of shape

Step 5: Piece Together

Picture of Piece Together

Make sure everything fits together. My pieces flare out at the top.

Step 6: Weld

Picture of Weld

16 gauge steel setting for the MIG welder is wire speed at 190 and 16 volts

Step 7: Clamp and Weld

Picture of Clamp and Weld

I used the magnets to hold the pieces together and did one side at a time.

Step 8: Weld More

Picture of Weld More

Flip and repeat. This time I used a clamp because of the rough shape it wasn't a perfect fit.

Step 9: Clean it up

Picture of Clean it up

I used the wheel and the wire brush to clean up the welds and polish the final piece