Picture of Industrial Ceiling Light
I wanted an industrial ceiling light for my little workshop, so I figured I could try and build it.

Reclaimed electrical conduit (27lbs) $27
Metal cage light figure (3) $20 ea
Edison bulbs (3) $10 ea
Reclaimed safety switch $10
Conduit straps (a lot) $5 a bag
Conduit elbows (3) $5 ea
Wire, screws, and fuses

Pipe bender
Pipe cutter
Wire cutter
Wire caps

Step 1: Head to the scrap yard for parts

Picture of Head to the scrap yard for parts
One of my favorite places to find unique project starters is Apex Electronics in Burbank CA. This place has anything from oscilloscope to airplane wings. Some of the really interesting pieces are unfortunately only for rent (set dressing/props). So here is where I found the safety switch and electrical conduit. 
tresink1 year ago
Wow nice work! Looks amazing!
spyder20211 year ago
love the lights. I would of hid the wiring though. Very nice job