Step 2: Make Wreath Base

Start by fitting your elbow ducts together.  They fit pretty snugly, but I also used a little glue to secure it.  I recommend fitting it all together one more time before gluing because they can twist a little and not line up properly.  I made the mistake of assuming I was still good and then panicked once I had my epoxy in and the pieces weren't fitting.  Oh I have to twist it...
<p>Very clean looking steampunk xD</p>
what size air duct did you use?
I like it. I've seen a similar idea,with a flair of steampunkish :) but your idea looks much more simple :)
cool! I would paint the bow red to make it stand out more
What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
Awesome idea! I love how you made the bow.

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