Picture of Industrial Edison style lamp

This is a simply DIY to show you how to make a vintage-inspired Edison-style lamp. It looks a little rough and distressed, which is all the rage in decorating these days.

Warning - this DIY does involve some electrial wiring. If you are unsure how to do the wiring, please consult an expert.

For best results, upcycle a used junction box. If you have a salvage yard in you area, it can be a great place to find raw materials. Some sources in the San Francisco Bay Area are:


Whole House Building Supply and Salvage

Urban Ore

Step 2: Prepare the junction box

You'll see a number of circles indented in the sides, these are called "knockouts." Choose where on the junction box you want the power cord to exit, and the remove that knockout cover. Simply push on the circle from inside (using a screwdrive or othet tool if desired) until it is pushed out far enough for you to grab onto. Pull and twist (with pliers if necessary) until the circle breaks free of the box.

Attach your strain relief to this knockout hole if you're using one.

Prepare a hole in the lid of the junction box

The next step is to prepare a hole for the lamp socket to mount to the junciton box lid. If you have access to a sheet metal punch, it's perfect for this - I made this at TechShop, and they have a Rotex punch that works beautifully. If you don't have a punch, you can use a drill.

Select a drill bit slightly bigger than the diameter of the lamp base mounting post. Position your box lid on a piece of scrap wood, and then drill a hole through the center of the box.

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Jakejb35 months ago


billbillt6 months ago

great idea..

Fikjast Scott8 months ago

this is really cool

chukkerlukker8 months ago

Instead of an 'overhand' knot int he cord, you should use an Underwriter's or Electrician's knot; This provides both strain relief and security; if the cord is pulled, the knot will tighten against itself, but not pull out of the terminals, which could leave energized wires to contact the shell of the switch body, exposing people to live electricity. Not good there, at all.

Also noted in:

MakeNBuild (author)  chukkerlukker8 months ago

Technically, yes, you're right, i should have used the UL knot. However, given that there's a strain relief where the power cord enters the lamp, it's very unlikely that the power cord would come loose from the terminals. If you want to be sure though, go with the UL knot also.

Awesome! Love industrial :D