Industrial Mason Jar Light





Introduction: Industrial Mason Jar Light

I'm a 15 year old high school student. For my AICE Design and Technology class, we were assigned to design and create a lamp. Our teacher strongly incouraged us to submit our project to this contest. I really enjoyed doing this and I hope to come up with more BRIGHT ideas.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Parts list in picture above

Step 2: Assembly

First, I assembled the base and started running the lamp wire through. Then I screwed in the main pole and ran the lamp wire through that also. After, that I attached the first arm and wired the light bulb to the lamp wire. Then, I did that step two more times and wired a rotary switch to the top of the pole.

Step 3: Adding Light Bulbs and Mason Jars

Finally, I screwed in the light bulbs to the fixtures and then I screwed on the mason jars over the light bulbs. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy your new floor lamp!



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    Thank you everyone! Here is a better picture of the lamp. (Excuse the background)


    Great work!! I love the final look; it reminds me of Industrial-Age London. I am really enjoying having this in the classroom! Voting for sure.

    Terrific! I love the design!

    This is a really pretty lamp design, I hope you got an A!

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    This is her teacher. She did get an A! I hope you voted for her lamp!

    Great job Zaza! I think that's an awesome light!

    Awesome! I love the industrial style and mason jars are my favorite glass!

    Great idea! I like it. I hope you get a great grade.