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Introduction: Industrial Monster Candlestick

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this is an Candlemonster i´ve made completely from carscrap.
It´s very huge, and heavyweight (90cm height and nearly 10Kg weight)
it´s completely welded and very strong.
The arms and the Head are adjustable.

It´s made of:

-Head, is an Seat Diesel Pump and an other vw enginepart wich i don´t know
-The body, is an Vovlo V40 rearaxle part.
-the arms are VW frontaxle stabiliser bars.
-the feet are perts of an roof rack for an 1970´s eastern german TRABANT 601

it´s very easy to build i´ve only cleaned the parts from oil, stick it together in the right position and do some weldingspots on.
for the hands i weld on an washer with an thorn in the middle for holding the candle.

hope you like it.



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    this is excellent , what type of welding is best for this work

    Just discovered your stuff what a great imagination I especially like the robot light

    This is awesome! Is much welding experience required??