Introduction: Industrial Pipe Shelf

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Industrial Pipe Shelf

Step 1: Tools & Materials

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You’ll need the following materials to make your shelves:

Power Drill #10 x ¾ inch wood screws (you’ll need 16 screws for each shelf you build)

Wood pieces of your choice I chose the 12” by 65 inch boards pictured below.

10 inch Industrial Pipe Table Leg Set from

Step 2:

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Place the bottom shelf on the ground with one flange on each of the two ends. Measure the distance of the flange from all three of the edges around it to make sure that it is centered and that it is even with the flange on the other side. Write down these measurements. It is really important to make sure these are even because you’ll want to place the other flanges in the same place on each of the shelves.

Draw small circles in the screw holes of the flanges to mark where you want to drill the screws in. This helps with accuracy.

Step 3:

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Screw the flanges into the wood using the small circles you drew in the last step as a guide. Make sure that every hole has a screw and that you repeat this for the other side of the shelf.

Step 4:

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Screw one of the 10-inch pipes into the flange by twisting until it is tight. Repeat on the other side of the shelf.

Step 5:

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Take another flange and screw it to the top of the 10 inch pipe by twisting until tight. Repeat on the other side of the shelf.

Step 6:

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Place the second shelf evenly on top of the pipes and flanges. Screw the flanges into the wood from the bottom of the new shelf.

Step 7:

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Repeat the steps above for the desired number of shelves. Keep in mind how important it is to measure the distance of the flanges from the edges of the wood and make sure that they are even on each shelf.

Step 8: Style and Enjoy!

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Style and Enjoy!


bremus (author)2017-12-02

I need a less expensive source for pipes and flanges.

powerfulparadox (author)2015-07-24

Very nicely done. Simple, fairly portable, and inexpensive. A very nice way to make shelving space.

Thanks for the kind words!

EcoExpatMike (author)2015-07-24

How does it attach to the wall?

DIYCARTEL (author)EcoExpatMike2015-07-24

This specific shelf doesn't attach to the wall. The wood planks are 12 inches wide and are sturdy enough to stand alone :)

It doesn't look like it's designed to. They only demonstrate how to get the shelves made. I envision a bookcase of many shelves made this way.

ClenseYourPallet (author)2015-07-24

Simple yet awesome. Very nicely done!!


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