Design goals:
1.  Sturdy spice rack for a busy NYC pizzeria
2.  Able to survive multiple falls from 4 feet
3.  Store 20+ large spice containers
4.  Use only 1x2 wood
5.  Fit inside a 12x12 tile

1.  4 - 1x2 pieces of pine wood; the Home Depot I go to has them in 6 foot lengths
2.  2 inch drywall screws; Home Depot SKU # 479697
3.  Saw and mitre box; Home Depot SKU # 972442
4.  8 - 90 degree brackets: Home Depot SKU # 113517
5.  Cordless or hand drill
6.  Phillips head screwdriver
7.  Foamboard (optional)

Step 1: Cut Shelving Segments

1.  Cut 1x2 into 8.5 inch segments
2.  Cut 16 segments
3.  There are 8 segments per shelf, 2 shelves total.
Nice job. Have you ever heard of pocket hole joinery? If not look into a company named KREG they have a very good selection of pocket hole jig's that might have been great for repairing the spice rack. Pocket holes are able to be hidden and the joint is one of if not the strongest joint in wood working and it's much easier then a dove tail or finger joints!! Other wise good job looks like its ready for many more years of use.
Thank you for the kind words. I looked into the pocket holes - they look like a real nice technique. Will definitely keep them in mind for future projects.

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