Industrial Style Simple MP3 Player





Introduction: Industrial Style Simple MP3 Player

Hello my name is Wu Di and I'm from China. I'm an electronic engineer and I love DIY very much.

This mp3 player actually is the second version that I've made. The circuit is quite simple. It is based on Atmega16 for processor and VS1003 for decoder.

The code is from another open source project. In the original code it supported a LCD screen, but in my edition it is deleted. From my point of view, music is for listen, not for look.

The control is quite simple, only 7 buttons without any lable on housing. It can be held in hand and the buttons can be recognized by it's relative position.

The housing is made of aluminum.



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    hello Wudi! i can,t open the file. What application need to open file

    Hello wudi! I am currently in the electronic assembly field, but wanting to branch out. If you'd be willing, could you please explain how I would be able to make an mo3 player simular to yours, but that plays a different sound for every button pushed? For example, six buttons with six different sounds of my choosing?

    Where are the plans, schematics, for this project. I am interested in building an MP3 player for my big rig.

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    Hello! Sorry I was in a hurry and forgot to send the drawings. Now I've uploaded them.

    MD_V1.0.rar is the mechanical design, including 2-D drawing and 3-D model. The drawing is not professional, but it should be applicable for DIY.

    ED_V2.1.rar is the electronic design including schematic and PCB layout. You can directly send out it for PCB manufacturing. I didn't make a BOM, but it should be easy to choose related components.

    FIRMWARE.rar is the formware for MP3. some comments are in Chinese, but you can directly download the HEX file to MCU without understanding.

    Wish you good luck!


    I'm interested in the schematics and the source code, but I cannot see any download link...

    Where can I download it?


    can you please put the instructions in steps?