After building the Media Shelves, I wanted something that would match it and hold my Audio Video equipment.  As a couple of the components run pretty hot I wanted something that would offer more open space than normal.  And again wanted something that would be fairly easy to make.  Based on that I came up with the design you see below.

These offer open space on all sides of the equipment (dodging the red ring of death on my xbox 360).  The Onkyo receiver is also known to run hot.  I have had these up for over a year now, and have had no heat related issues with any of the equipment.

The basic idea is to have a single hook that attaches to a stud with two steel cables that come down and attach to the two horizontal pieces of wood.  While one vertical piece is attached to the stud as well and holds the other side of the horizontal pieces.

These directions are going to closely match what was done with the Media Shelves, so if anything doesn't make sense take a look at that instructable.

Check out my other industrial shelves for a complete set: Media Shelves and TV Ledge

Step 1: Tools and Materials

I did this instructable without the table saw (compared to the media shelves).  I used a jigsaw.  I should have used some kind of straight edge or jig, but I didn't and it shows if you look down on it, but it isn't really noticeable when its hanging on the wall.  I also did not use the dowel rod kit, and just made all the holes with eying up the drill.

Tape Measure
Miter Saw (This could be replaced with a hand saw easily)
Nice Sharp 3/8" drill bit
Jigsaw +blade
3/32" counter sink drill bit (for screw pilot hole drilling)
Bar Clamps
Palm Sander (I love this sander for how easy it is to install the paper taut)
Heavy Duty Wire Cutters
Crimper (looks like bolt cutters, but instead of cutting, they crimp)

Paper (for design and sketching)
1"x4"x6' Pine (with or without knots, up to you, or any other wood for that matter)
1 5/8" Drywall Screws
2 1/2" Drywall Screws
150 Grit Sand Paper
about 11' of 3/32" steel cable
2 splicing fasteners for the steel cable
6 stopper fasteners for the steel cable
Heavy Duty Steel Hooks
Masking Tape

Love the cable routing pipe. Creates a nice clean look
looks nice. but I could see the boards accidentally moving apart a tiny bit at the ends and that xbox falling on the ground...maybe some bracing in the front would be a good idea, or a third piece of wire spanning the gap between each board.<br />
The bracing on the wall and the screws into the board beneath are more than adequate. &nbsp;These have been up for over a year now and they haven't moved at all. &nbsp;Even with my young ones grabbing onto them from time to time.<br /> <br /> Hmmm.... maybe if someone were to fall into them, but most anything would not hold well up against that.<br /> <br /> Either way, you could easily add bracing to the front, I wouldn't use wire because you only get bracing in one direction. &nbsp;Just add a piece of board to the front.<br />

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