Step 3:

After stain. It ended up coming out darker than I wanted, so after the stain dried I spent a half hour re-sanding the wood over the grain to pull out some of the color again. It was a pain, but I actually ended up liking the control I had over where the grain would show through, and how much of it I wanted to expose.
<p>Over time, how is that floating shelf holding up?</p>
It's actually holding up great, have not had to tighten or adjust anything - and it's frequently full of heavy books. I believe it's going on 3 years now..
Nicely done! I really like the floating shelf. I'm going to have to try this for my office. Again well done!
so, when you sanded after staining, did you sand across the grain or with the grain?
Hi! I sanded with the grain, and focused on certain areas that I wanted to pull out in order to be a bit brighter
Great table, love the recessed shelf idea too. Does anyone know where to get similar piping to this in the uk? Ta
That's a nice job! You had a need, and figured out how to meet it yourself using readily available materials and basic ingenuity [w/o resorting to IKEA--not that you shouldn't when they have what you need]. Now that you've had a taste of working with wood, and metal too in this case, what are you going to build next? Don't stop--cultivate that ability. Check out &quot;Furniture You Can Build: Projects That Hone Your Skills (Getting Started in Woodworking)&quot; at Amazon and some other basic woodworking and shop books [or borrow them from a public library] and other sites for Projects and Plans [many DIY magazines have them and I think Sears/Craftsman listed a good number of them and may yet--check Craftsman Club online]. Learn to make some things from found / reclaimed wood. When we first got married 40 years ago and had little money between us, two smaller wooden wire cable spools, free from the power company, finished up beautifully and we used them for decades. Didn't take much in the way of tools or supplies, and fueled my desire to continue woodworking, and even copper-smithing, and DIY around the house in general. Way to go. Show us when you do your next one. You can contact me for more detailed sources of free plans that I've used over the years or recommended to others. Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing that with us! <br>
That looks great! Nice work.

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