Here's an example of how to get a nice little customized tack room for a minimal cost.

I'm reorganizing my tack to make it more convenient to the front door, so I can conveniently transport it out to the barn (also see my other recent Instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/Rolling-Saddle-Rack-Cart/, for easy transport of tack from the house tack room to the barn).  I've made a small tack room in an alcove by the front door, with tack racks and hooks for three horses and a saddle cart.

I want to hang several saddles, bridles, and miscellaneous in this area; I need saddle racks and bridle hooks.  I want to put my barn shoes and riding shoes on the floor and have them out of the way (don't really need anything but a defined area that I won't trip over them as I go by).  I want to stick a few things on a shelf so they're handy as I walk out the door, so I need a shelf.

Things are slightly complicated by the fact that the wall is rough-cut wood, and I don't want my tack getting scratched up by it, so I need something to protect my tack.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

* Drill & screws
* Staplegun & staples
* Scratch awl
* Pencil
* Scrub brush
* Level
* Drill bit suited to the screw-back of the tool hooks

* A selection of end-pieces cut off from fenceposts, to make saddle racks; I chose two 3-4" round pieces, about 20" long each.
* A nice fleece throw I could staple-gun to the wall to protect my tack
* Shelf supports, 12" and 8", one of each size per saddle rack; the long ones have hooks which I may use to hang bridles once everything is assembled.
* A pillowcase I wasn't using to go around each saddle rack to protect the tack
* Some tool hooks for bridle holders, wide enough not to crease the leather
* Liquid electrical tape -- I suspect this is basically plasti-dip, but I have yet to get my hands on genuine plasti-dip.  I used it to cover the hooks on the large shelf supports and to cover the tool hooks to make them a little more grippy and a little less hard-edged.

* For the shelf, I used a spare 1"x8" board, about 20" long, and a couple of 2" long shelf brackets I dug up from my miscellaneous bin.

* For the jacket/etc hooks, I used some horseshoe hooks I'd made in a welding class, but I could just as easily have used the same tool hooks as above, or any random coat/utility hook you might find at a hardware store.

I already had a floor stand saddle rack, and of course the rolling saddle cart.  If I hadn't had the floor stand saddle rack, I'd've just put in another saddle rack on the wall.

The wall in this room is made of solid, if rough-cut, wood.  If you're going to be doing anything like this, make sure you attach your racks and shelves and hooks into good supports: studs or anchors, etc.  I doubt anchors would be good enough for a rack holding a saddle, so make sure you have a good solid stud or other support under those.

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