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Make a lightbox for photography with materials you can find around the house.

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What you need: a box, white poster board, white tissue paper, scissors/box cutter, tape.

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Lay the box on its side. Cut a rectangular in the top of the box, leaving a 2 inch border between the edges of the box and the hole.

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Do the same with two opposite sides of the box. If the box is less than sturdy, you may need to leave a wider margin for the sake of stability.

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Cut out a piece of tissue paper sized correctly for the hole. Tape the edges down on the outside of the box.

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Do the same for the other two sides.

Step 6:

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Trim the poster board to the same width of the box, and slide it in
and up. Secure the front edge with tape. If the poster board isn't lying flat, use tape rolls underneath to secure it to the cardboard without being visible. Do not fold or crease the poster board at the box's interior edge. The curve will be invisible in photographs. You now have a lightbox made from materials lying around your house!


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Cool! I will be making one of these!

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