There have been many different Instructables about this subject and none so far have been the same as what I have been doing for the past four years, so I thought I would let the maker community in on my secret.

With the maker's  habit of acquiring and tearing apart disposable cameras, I have been using the various parts for projects, even used the flash units by embedding them into a painting, connecting them to a micro-controller and motion detectors; which flash in a random sequence when a view steps in front of the piece. I have made stand alone motion detectors connected to the flash units, triggered when motion is detected, I might do an Instructable on that project someday. The components I recover from these cameras include small springs, lenses, gears, capacitors, flash units, circuits that can be re-tasked.  I have even used the circuit boards from these cameras to drive electroluminescent wire.

I discovered that when the objective lens of the disposable cameras is placed over the lens of my cell phone, I was able to take stunning macro pictures. This led me to hours of macro photography with a cell phone. Having a couple of patient dogs helped in this obsession, and having my phone with me at all times, meant that I was ready to do a macro shot at a moments notice.

My first attempt was with a Blackberry; since that was the phone I had at the time. The Blackberry did not have an auto focus feature, so getting the focus was a bit trickier than it is with my current Iphone. Getting a in-focus picture was not too hard but was trickier; there are ways of getting the right focus with any phone which has a camera and no auto-focus, which I will describe later.

Items needed for this project are:

1 Disposable camera             Free
1 Museum putty                       $1.79 approx.
1 Paperclip                               optional (for distance gauge)
1 masking tape                       optional (for distance gauge)

1 Cell phone  or table with camera

The image of the bee was one of the first quality pictures I captured of a moving bee.

Note: Images attached to this instructable are under copyright Mark S. Drummond 2013

It's easy and really fun. Thanks! :)

Barb372 years ago
Can't wait to try this - your cell snaps are stunning!
audigit Barb371 year ago
Love this instructable!