This Instructable shows to make 4 expandable/collapsible lighting stands and 2 expandable/collapsible backdrop stands inexpensively ($50 or less depending on how resourceful you are).

I got the idea from this video, but I wasn't keen on the idea of storing an 8' tall stick in a can even if 8' might be nice to have as an option.  These I can easily store in a closet.

If you want something a bit more beefy/potentially taller, use larger buckets, more cement, and more wood.

Step 1: Materials

-9 Furring Boards (1"x2"x8')
-6 Buckets (4-5qt)
-Saw and Miter Box
-Latex Gloves (not shown)
-Rubber boots
-Tape Measure
-Masking Tape
-100lbs of Cement (2 x 50lb bags)
-Hose (or full watering can; not shown)
-Piece of wood for mixing (not shown)
-Junk Cup/Can (shown later)
-Level (not shown)
-12 2" Mending Plates (not shown)
-Screws (or bolts with washers and nuts; not shown)
-Drill and Drill Bits (not shown)
-Sander (not shown)
-3/8" Dowel Rod (not shown)
-5" lengths of Bamboo (or 1/4" dowel rod; not shown)
-Rubber mallet (not shown)
1st: That's the most interesting pair of Rubber Boots I've ever seen. <br><br>2nd: Thanks for another great ible. I'm trying to improve my photography skills and I've found your ideas immensely helpful!<br><br>Thanks!
as this is a great idea on the cheap, something like these aren't that portable. I couldn't imagine lugging 2 backdrop stands and 3-4 light stands to a wedding.
OOOO!!! These are so cool! I really want to make some cool backdrops that I have ideas for, but haven't really settled on anything yet on which to hang them. I love this idea! You rock, sista girl! - Pj
<tt>&nbsp;u should use some spray paint or put some finish on them so they last longer!</tt>
You can use some wood oil finish to prevent the wood from becoming brittle and splintering, but it's up to you and how you use/store the stands.&nbsp; So long as you aren't leaving them outside, you're probably fine for a decade or so without any finish.<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Show me how you use them!&nbsp; I&nbsp;want in-process pictures :D<br /> <br />
I sorta hoped I could get away with just the inspiration video for now since my house is a wreck right now.&nbsp; :-P<br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
I'm with Scooch! (please?&nbsp;:D&nbsp;)<br />
I will, but today is &quot;moving all the crap out of the closet and into the living room so we can install closet organizers and hopefully get this wreck under some sort of control&quot; day.&nbsp; Tomorrow might not be any better, but hope springs eternal.&nbsp; :-P <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Eughhh. That day's the worst.<br />
Not sure if I mean the same thing as Scooch, but I'm curious what backgrounds you have/use and if they were bought or DIY.
Should I post an Instructable of a backdrop I'm going to make and submit some photos of the modular studio in action? <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Absolutely!&nbsp; I cite the first rule of Kiteman. :)
Oh my gosh, I don't know what that means.&nbsp; I joined a little over a month ago.&nbsp; Is there a whole set of rules? <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Rule 1) If you think of it, instructablise it.<br /> <br /> I can't find the forum post now, I don't think that's quite what Kiteman said but it's similar.<br />
Ok, ok.&nbsp; <br /> Next time!<br />

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