Step 7: Add light bulbs and pots

Picture of Add light bulbs and pots
I used 60 watt florescent bulbs. It seemed to give enough light and not cook the plants. When the plants got large I raised the lid with yoga blocks and added larger bulbs.

I close the lid until the plant got around 2 inches tall. Keep an eye on the moisture. They need to stay damp when sprouting, If they are too wet when growing they may form mold. Use starter soil and clean all your pots from last year.

This project should be plugged into a GFI protected circuit.

Enjoy your garden, and good luck.
You wrote, "Use starter soil and clean all your pots from last year."

You should have said to clean with diluted bleach.
jungfong2 years ago
Way cool. I think I'll build one tomorrow. Many thinks
daytona6752 years ago
However, many seeds also need light to germinate (check your seed packet) and therefore this instructible is perfect for them
kpearce2 years ago
Warmth causes the seeds to germinate. You could simply use a heating pad until you see the cotyledons, then use the lights to aid in photosynthesis. I've found that with some toilet paper tubes, germination isn't possible (probably because of acids in the paper or ""glue) . I have my students take a single newspaper page, torn in half at the fold, then folded in half, and fold around the toilet paper tubes and run their hands over it several times to make it hold the shape of the tube. Then place them all in the container, fill with damp soil, tamp down, seed and cover with more soil. Don't forget to leave your seedlings outside for a week before planting! This "hardens" the seedlings.