Inexpensive Spur of the Moment Smoker's Gift





Introduction: Inexpensive Spur of the Moment Smoker's Gift

I needed a gift for a friend who smokes. Being intrinsically parsimonious I made him something. The best part is that something is unique and couldn't be bought anywhere.

Step 1: Cleanlines Is Next to Super Glueyness!

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN every surface that is going to be glued. I washed the dollar first with dish washing liquid (no picture because I'm pretty sure everyone knows what dish washing liquid is, at least I hope so).
After washing thoroughly, I hit the coin with the metal polish to give it that fresh from the mint shine.
When the light reflecting off the coin hurt my eyes, I cleaned it with the acetone to get all the oils off. I had to clean it about 3 or 4 times before the cloth came away clean

Step 2: Clean the Lighter With Acetone and Put Them All Together

I cleaned the lighter with the acetone nail polish to remove all oils. This took about 4 tries. Although chrome plated the lighter had some black oxide that came off. I just kept cleaning until the rag was clean.
Apply the Super Glue Gel to the coin. You have to use Gel because the coin is not flat. Judge how much to use by using just a little less than you think you need. This saves on clean up later.
Try to position the coin where you want it (just dead eye it, if you're anal measure) and try to get it in the right spot the first time (I find that holding the coin in one hand by the edge and slowly bringing it down to the surface will pretty much do the trick)
THIS IS A WARNING: Cyanoacrylates glues are dangerous if mishandled. DO not glue your finger to your eyes, nose or any other body parts that you have to use separately.
Acetone is dangerous unless properly used. Work in a well vented environment. use gloves, eye protection and a full body bio-hazard suit if you are a dweeb. You have been warned!



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    Be aware that doing this may be considered defacement of legal tender. while this is not an issue in the U.S., it is actually illegal in other countries (including the U.K.)

    2 replies

    In the US of A, you are allowed to do anything you want with currency, providing that you don't try to spend it after you've defaced/hacked/changed/pounded/glued/drilled/etc. it.
    Since I don't live in the UK, your point is moot.

    Actually my comment was for other people who might try this.
    Considering that only about 4.5% of the world's population lives in the USA, I consider my point valid.

    Why do you say Smoker's gift? People who don't smoke use lighters, too.

    4 replies

    Well, you don't have to smoke to have a lighter... You might just like fire.

    Well yes, I forgot this IS Instructables, the home of the latent pyromaniac.

    Yeah, and this is the perfect present for a pyro. Comes in any color you want as long as it's black.

    Yes, I know the coin looks a little of center.

    1 reply

    I like it! Even though I don't smoke, and probably never will, this is a really creative and easy-to-do Instructable! You could use this on a whole variety of stuff.

    1 reply

    Thanks Wasagi. I made this for a friend who has since passed on (non-smoking causes). His widow always tells me how much it meant to him.