Picture of Inexpensive Wooden Tri-copter!
Build an inexpensive multi-rotor Tri-Copter using wood, zip ties, and 8 screws!

I am using this tri-copter to test servo controllers. There were a few challenges to getting this off the ground and hopefully this helps others with a really cool project, enjoy!  

This is a spin off of another one of my projects currently on Kickstarter, check it out also if you get a chance: or search for Blue-Rx.
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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
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Various pieces of wood
Various Screws
Hot Glue
Zip Ties
12 AWG Wire
Shrink Wrap Tubing
Battery connectors

3 Props (GWS 10 x 4.7) $17.94
3 Motors (1300 kV) $21.98
3 Speed Controllers (18 Amp) $21.45
1 Battery (LiPo ~3000mAh)  $13.73
1 Charger  $27.29
1 Servo $4.37
1 Servo Extension Cable $2.16
1 4ch TX/RX $53.82
1 Mult-rotor Control Board $12.99
1 AVR programmer or Arduino ISP $14.99

Total: less than $200.00

Step 2: Create the Frame

Picture of Create the Frame
Build the frame using 1/2 or 5/8 inch square wood sock.  A strong light weight wood is best, but this beast will have enough power to lift  almost any frame!  The arms are 12 inches long and roughly in a 120 deg pattern. The two arms opposite the servo are the front pair, they are slightly closer to each other then that of the tail, this was purely for aesthetics.  The arms are glued and screwed down to the base plate which is a 1/4 inch masonite.

It is best to get the angles accurate between the arms but believe it or not, its not really necessary.  If they are close the computer control via the multi-rotor control board will compensate for any error!

Kushalpikki2 months ago
I'm in India so where do I get these things
Kushalpikki2 months ago
I did not undrstand the steering
Ravi 19992 months ago
Can we use a aurdino uno r3
lpinho2 months ago

Hi Peterson,

thanks for sharing this project.

Could you please explain, in your opinion, what is the best option for tricopter motors, a low KV or a high KV (I’ve seen builder using 950 KV engines like you and others use 2200 and higher KV).

For a newbie what is the best option?

Thanks again

harthik.honey3 months ago

but when i move my tricoptor to left ,the power to the motor is haulted ,i dont know y??? please help me out of this!!!!!!!!!!!

what actually makes the copter fly?? Which motherboard have you used?? Plz tell me cause I'm a beginn

he has links to all the parts listed above. but here is the board he used

what about turning system?

DocMat7 months ago

I personally put the front arms out at around 90 degrees in order to keep the props out of the view of a camera... How well would this setup work for mounting a camera tray?

dennyzulfikar9 months ago


how much total copter weight ? are you considering about device balance also? thx

Greg0reo1 year ago

I purchased three 1000 KV motors and 30A ESC's. I am a beginner at RC stuff so I don't really know much. My question is: for my three motors, what battery should I get?

condorxan Greg0reo11 months ago
3300 mAh Lipo would work
skumar2011 year ago
its hot
rohan92b1 year ago
wt is the use of AVR programmer.
CatalinRO1 year ago
It seems like everybody wants to see a vid of the beast flying. And I think this is not because it is not flying, but how is this thing flying? :) Don't get me wrong, but these days I was building my first tricopter (RCExplorer type - easy to build indeed) and it was not like in the movies :( Indeed building the thing is pretty easy, but make it fly is quite complicated. So I think a nice instructable is the one entitled "Build a easy to setup for flight tricopter" :) Cheers!
you said its inexpensive and its 200$!
that's good for a tricopter
wgalaugher1 year ago
Flashing the control board with Tri-Copter firmware is different in your example than what the real software shows. It's close but not he same for identical hardware. The board selection is slightly different as well as the input file. I see the 1.6 version and the 2.9 version which are different than your screen shots. Which way to go?
alcurb1 year ago
The performance is incredibly fast. How does it perform with a camera payload?
scci alcurb1 year ago
this is what i want to know as well
scci1 year ago
How heavy is the camera you are using?
Edgar1 year ago
Went to my Blog:
Veda881 year ago
Of course we want to see a video of you flying with it ;)
armstk1801 year ago
Hey man , awesome job !
i have never knew about three motor copter ! thank you to apprise me :)

good luck
Royduino1 year ago
I fail to see where the AVR Board was used or the Arduino AVR
Hi, tell me please where i can find a remote control like yours?
scci2 years ago
How long can it fly for
stonehenged2 years ago
what size servo did you use for your tail?
That looks both awesome and extremely dangerous. The way it loops around in the video makes me think it has a taste for blood.
justbennett2 years ago
Excellent job. I especially like that there is a parts list with links and prices! Even if I don't do THIS project, I will come back to check where you got your parts.