Picture of LOUD Scooter or Bike Alarm for One Dollar!
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Scooteralarm 3.jpg
Scooteralarm 4.jpg
Scooteralarm 5.jpg
I own a 2009 49cc Scooter by Jonway and I wanted a Alarm for it, problem is Alarms on the Internet cost 10 dollars up to 400!

So I made one for One Buck!!!!

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Step 1:

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I bought this at a local surplus store for 1 buck

Step 2:

Picture of
Side view of device with on and off switch and magnetic connector on the right

Step 3:

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I have removed the battery compartment to show you what type it takes in case they are dead

Step 4:

Picture of
The batteries are the AG13 Button Batteries

Step 5:

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Attach two Cable Tie holders on the back and One Cable Tie over the body and Dongle of the Alarm as shown,

Also, Only tighten the tie to where you are able to move the dongle up and down, not to tight, not to loose.

Step 6:

Picture of
Strap Cable Tie Number two on the Longer length of the alarm as shown on the Alarm, You can get this pretty Tight.

Done! Now watch the video and attach to your Scooter Bike or Whatever!

Step 7:

Heres is the DONE Alarm! Enjoy!