Introduction: Inexpensive Laptop Stand / Notebook to Desktop Convertor

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I find myself using my laptop for long periods of time. It does get uncomfortable after a while. The keyboard and screen should ideally be separate to reduce neckstrain during prolonged use. If you are a full time laptop user, I suggest you build something like this that will help you raise your monitor to a near eye level. This way you can have both the keyboard and the monitor in the right positions.

Step 1: A Simple and Inexpensive File Sorter or Desktop Organizer Solves Your Problem

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I have a sturdy file sorter that I use to organize my desk. It has a wide base and 5 slots. It is also strong enough to hold my 8lb laptop.

Step 2: Insert Laptop , Connect Keyboard and Enjoy Your Ergonomic Workspace

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Simply place your keyboard in the first slot and you are ready to go. No cutting or drilling required. This position rises your monitor an brings it closer to your eye level. This can reduce the strain on your neck that results from looking downwards for a long period of time.

Step 3: More Desktop Space Too!

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In addition to bringing the notebook to a more comfortable position , this design also frees up space on your table. It has a smaller footprint. In addition, as you are using a desktop organizer, note that your books /documents can be neatly stacked in this file sorter. This stays behind your computer, so you dont have to see it when you are working on your computer.


carlsonmark (author)2006-05-08

I was just about to do this when I realized that my laptop doesn't open wide enough to use this method :-( Cool idea though!

lukkbox (author)carlsonmark2009-03-13

your telling me there are laptops whos screens dont open all the way? hot dang! why would any designer do such a thing? i learn several new things everyday guess im spoilt having only ever owned IBM's, still a bit flabbergasted here

Psyche65 (author)lukkbox2017-01-22

Of course all laptops open all the way, look at this ... oh damn! Mine only goes to 120 degrees! Why WOULD any designer do such a thing? I'm flabbergasted too!

Kasm279 (author)carlsonmark2009-07-24

what brand is it? thats just weird...

bradclarkuk (author)2006-05-18

Strictly speaking not really FREE is it?



jbrown2 (author)bradclarkuk2011-09-01

Yes free if you just go dumperst diving or check office supply stores for returned and broken ones. I have a friend that owns a supply house and he gave me, an older metal on hols up better then the plastic ones.

Lol did he say FREE? No, he said INEXPENSIVE. And if you already have one of those thingies, then in a sense, it IS free. =]

jbrown2 (author)2011-09-01

This is the BEST damn thing for laptops that I have ever seen, and the money saved on NOT having to buy a cooler can be used to buy more MONSTER drinks to play more games on the laptop.

This is a very good instruc.

jfranzen (author)2011-08-30

If you use the wire mesh one, you can mount a fan or two on the back if wanted.

axeman911 (author)2011-06-09

i ahev the exact same mouse and keyboard, weird!?

kmgater (author)2010-11-10

I did this! Thanks for the idea!

It took me awhile to find one that wasn't plastic and slots wide enough to fit my laptop. My sorter is made of metal wire and I actually ended up breaking out a middle wire so the laptop could lean back. I use the front slot for my extra keyboard so I can get everything out of the way when needed and the light weight stand makes it easy to move everything over when I need to use the laptop.

Trigger212 (author)2010-01-29

Old Dell's can do this trick :)

extratired (author)2006-10-21

genius! the ones from the stores are so expensive it's crazy...

Kasm279 (author)extratired2009-07-24

lol, not at a thrift store ;D

zaman1995 (author)2008-10-26


vinisterz (author)2006-12-22

cookbook standI found this cool cookbook stand was wondering can it hold my 15" dell.

sanityfalling (author)2006-08-21

you could just bend it to your tastes i dont think that would be to hard

deliman (author)2006-07-27

This was the first instructable I used. Very clever! I used a wire file sorter I had lying around and it instantly helped my neck pain. Thanks!!!

Magpye (author)2006-06-24

I've been using something similar for over a year now (only found this site today). You can use a cooking book stand, which only cost a few dollars, and have a good stability, so the laptop doesn't tip over backwards. Most Dells and IBM's will happily open up to the 60 deg angle required for good viewing, though some Toshibas are a bit more arthritic I've seen commercial versions of this go for over $250. I think it's called The Oyster.

santiagoc (author)2006-05-18

Some of you more skilled guys should make a similar laptop stand with hinges for changing the computer's angle (and thus height) to make it more comfortable for shorter/taller people.

zengineer (author)santiagoc2006-05-20

True, the height may not be right for most people. Luckily I could adjust the height of my chair, so that wasnt a problem. By changing the height of the chair, I can look straight at the monitor without having to bend my neck.

unclemantis (author)2006-05-09

What make and model is that file folder? I am looking on and don't see much of them that have wide enough slots. I have a Dell Inspiron 1200. Will any file folder sorter work?

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