1. Carve Jack-O-Lantern
  2. Cut larger than normal hole on top, and two small holes on bottom of pumpkin
  3. Insert child in plastic bag (much to horror of onlookers)
  4. Place child in pumpkin, smilling madly to convince her this behavior is normal
  5. Jack-O-Lantern stem hat is optional
  6. Leave party quickly once someone finally calls child protective services

I was in a pumpkin for SOOOO many years growing up! My holloweens:<br><br>1st Sat in a pumpkin<br>2nd Sat in a pumpkin<br>3rd Fake cloth pumpkin hat<br>4th Same<br>5th Same<br>6th Hand carved Pumpkin head<br>7th Hand carved pumpkin head<br>8th Fake plastic pumpkin head (couldn't find one big enough anymore)<br>9th Fake<br>10th Sadness. Even fake wouldn't fit.<br><br>I loved it. DO THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN=SUCCESS
Oh my gosh, she is adorably cute!
I don't have a baby (and won't for a while), but this is adorable.<br />
Unique and simple!<br /> <br /> <br /> ,,is that beer in the 3rd picture?,,<br />
That is amazing :D<br /> And adorable!&nbsp;
that is so cute!!!!! i might have to try that<br />
Add some rope and it's a Halloween baby swing! <br />
That might require a bit of structural reinforcement. ;)<br />
Jesus, she's cute. Even cuter wearing pumpkin pants.<br />
Also, can I just say that I love the insane person commenting on the post on CRAFT? If someone does call protective services, it was probably that loon! :P<br />
Will you please think of the children!!! <br />
OH MY GOODNESS cute overload.&nbsp;
The best idea ever. Attach elastic and make the lid her hat. Ha!
That baby is SO CUTE!!!
Oh, goodness me, that is absolutely hilarious, genuinely laugh-out-loud.<br /><br />It lightened a grim day.<br /><br />I trust this is the start of a life-long starring role on the site?<br />
Tooooooooooo cute!!!!! :0)!!!!! Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!<br /><br />Here's a finger play&nbsp;I used to do when my children were young (author unknown)<br /><br />THREE&nbsp;LITTLE&nbsp;PUMPKINS<br /><br />Three &nbsp;little pumpkins sitting on a gate<br /><br />The &nbsp;first one said &quot;oh my it's getting late!&quot;<br /><br />The second one said &quot;let's run and run and run!&quot;<br /><br />The third one said,&quot; It's Halloween fun!&quot;<br /><br />Shwwooosh went the wind <br />and (clap hands together) out went the lights, <br /><br />And the three little pumpkins rolllllled out of sight!
Excellent instructions.<br />
I lol'd. Hard.<br />

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