This is a relatively easy and very kid friendly adorable costume for your baby's first or second Halloween.  Knowing my daughter was comfy made me so happy to deck her out and show her off!  Also, my daughter is now a skinny 3 years old and can actually still fit in this dress!
small amounts of black and white fleece (you could probably substitute felt also)
4 cloth pre-fold diapers (white)
1 white long sleeved onesie
1 pair white long pants
1 pair white socks 
sewing needle
white thread
black thread
4 snaps
2 ouchless elastic hair bands (no metal parts)
approx. 2 feet of small black ric rac
(optional) approx. 2 feet of cloth covered flexible boning

Step 1: Building the Dress

Lay out two of your cloth diapers.  These will be one side of the dress (as in having an armhole).  I couldn't tell a big enough difference in the fronts and backs of these for them to have a right / wrong side, so I don't think it matters which way you flip them.  Fold the thinner sides to the inside of the diapers, laying them on top of the thicker middle sections.
Aww, how cute! She looks great. :)

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