Infrared Flashlight...Invisible?





Introduction: Infrared Flashlight...Invisible?

This flashlight uses High-Output Infrared LED's that seems invisible to the naked eye, but when seen on camera, it shows as working LED's. It is also the first Infrared Instructables posted.

Step 1: Items Needed

1.  6-LED flashlight
2.  6 High-Output Infrared LED's (RadioShack)
3.  Soldering Iron
**This can work with any LED flashlight**

Step 2: First...

Take apart the flashlight.

Step 3: Second...

1.  Locate the circuit board and De-solder the 6 white LED's
2.  Solder in the 6 High-Output Infrared LED's being careful to check the polarity 

Step 4: Lastly...

Assemble the flashlight!!!

You now have an Infrared flashlight that can only be seen on camera . . . what will you do with it?!



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    This is a nice idea. Creative!

    But it seems to me that it assumes that the driver circuitry to the IR LED will be the same as for the visible light ones (probably white). My understanding is that this is not the case. So there is a good chance that the IR LED's won't last as long if they are being driven with too much current. -- or dim illumination if insufficient.

    Also, its not clear from your instruction HOW to insure the polarity of the LEDs when replacing them onto the board.

    do you have to take a picture with the camera for the Infrared light to show up?

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    No, the infrared will show up on the camera screen as long as the camera is on. it also works on cell phones and video cameras!-For-Under-$10/           Night Vision, anyone?

    Point the flashlight at someone taking a picture and it will block anything around the flashlight... Great for avoiding that awkward photo of you walking out of the strip club!


    Orly? I tough it was inferred..

    It is actually INFRARED, but either way i fixed it


    I was kidding..

    Thanks, but I fixed it.

    White LEDs need about 3 volts to turn on, and 20 mAs, Infrared need about 1.7 volts to turn on. Wondering how long this would last... Most color cameras have an infrared filter, 6 LEDs is going to provide much illumination.

    What did you infer about the flashlight? *infrared not inferred

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    Thanks, but I fixed it.

    Thanks, but I fixed it.

    Take the IR filter out of your camera, it will look much brighter. I've taken the filter out of a cheapo webcam and the difference is quite noticeable. Good job though :)

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    Nice work , but picture is blur .