You can have infinite block without using mods (sorry for the bad english... I am italian :)

Step 1: Open Minecraft

Step 2: Open a World

Open the world in survival mode where you eant to use the glitch

Step 3: Select the Blocks

Step 4: Put Them on the Floor

Step 5: Exit

Get out from minecraft

Step 6: ReEnter

Get in minecraft (don't touch anything!!!)

Step 7: ReExit

Get again out from minecraft

Step 8: Multitasking

Open your multitasking

Step 9: Close Minecraft

Hold on minecraft and tap the red botton

Step 10: Enter in Minecraft

Enter and collect the blocks

Step 11: END

Now you have twice as many blocks
????? what??????? Infinite blocks is soooooooo cool!!! Oh and there's nothing wrong with being Italian
It only worked once.But it's the first diuplication glitch I ever tryed that worked!★★★★★<br><br><br>
It only worked once per world.
What ???????????

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