"Infinite" Snow Farm!





Introduction: "Infinite" Snow Farm!


This is the best way to farm snow!

(Thumbnail made by me in photoshop cs6)

Step 1: The Base

Build a 3x3 area. (Any blocks work in this tutorial)

Step 2: The Door, How Tall This Should Be?

Build 2 blocks up, place a door. and above the door should be 2 blocks.

Step 3: Lighting

Only use windows or the snow will melt. Maybe, Torches might actually work. You guys can try!

Step 4: The Cage.

Inside, place 1 block in the middle, at the back of the hut with 1 block visable and 2 blocks of fence above

Step 5: Storage

Theres gonna be alot of snow, place chests everywhere you can!

Step 6: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

I recommend removing that 1 block above there to place the pumpkin on his head. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO BUILD SNOWMEN, If not, its just 2 snow blocks on top of each other and 1 pumpkin (not jack 'o' latern) on top. Once you build the snowman put the fence back!

Step 7: Done!

Dig On the corners using a shovel, and hold down the mouse. TA DA!!!!! Infinite snow :D



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    That is AMAZING!!!

    I have a desgine that is semi automated but its large uses hoppers and redstone clocks

    That was awesome I will definitely try it.

    That was awesome I will definitely try it.

    sure you just have to keep mining the snow under the snow golem so he keeps placing it

    I don't understand what #7 means. Can you help me?

    On #7 it means your done, but you see that corner of the snow thats visable? Dig that instead of punching the snowman. Shovel is needed to get snow or else you get nothing. Is that more explained? I tried my best lol. (For fast snow hold down your left mouse clicker, the one you use to break blocks)

    Job well done! My sister would love this tutorial when I'll show it to her. She badly need this. Thanks!