Picture of Infinity Dress
I made the infinity dress mostly following the instructions on knucklesalad. However, I thought it would be really useful to have a step-by-step, and the ones on Instructables aren't quite the same. The kind I make has a very useful component, the "waistband", which lets you wear a bra with your dress!

I highly recommend you make one or several, regardless of your previous sewing experience. As long as you have access to a sewing machine, this is a dress you can make in under an hour. And it's very comfortable and versatile!
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Step 1: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
You will need to measure:
(1) height
(2) waist
(3) center of chest to armpit (just above boobs)
(4) bottom of sternum to top of boobs

(See the pictures, in order by number.)
I made a dress like this following your instructions! It came out well, although for some reason the I can't upload a picture... I'll try to add a picture later if I can....
I finally uploaded it! I had to do a weird roundabout thing... I still need to finish the hem because I used a non-stretch fabric for the skirt. I'll see how the skirt holds up...
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  cattibalistic1 year ago
Awesome, that looks great!
Do you have any tips for working with non-stretch skirt fabric?
This is a truly excellent set of instructions! I'm a professional seamstress and am making some of these for bridesmaids' dresses for a client. I've looked at a LOT of tutorials on this project and had to wade through some real confusing stuff. I believe that yours' is the best one that I've seen. Thank you!

Good job!
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  RowanGolightly1 year ago
Wow, thank you!
Miss Misery2 years ago
I'm going to make one of these very soon. Thanks!
you got some awesome stuff, and looking very sweet.
One question. How do you keep the bottom of the dress from fraying? I would assume by cutting it into that circle, it would be likely to start fraying if not sewn or glued at the edge.
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  purplravioli2 years ago
Nope, actually many fabrics (such as the jersey of this dress) don't fray!
Of course, if you are concerned, you can always hem your edges normally. Or for a quicker fix/possibly a decoration, you could serge or zigzag all of your edges.
However, I've been wearing these dresses for several months now, and so far have had no problems with fraying.
That's awesome to learn, thanks!
This is awesome! I love your addition of the empire waist band so that a bra can be worn with this - not every female wants to skip the bra :) I can't wait to make this!
Except... How did you tie the straps? Ha
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  microchipgirl2 years ago
Haha just make one and play around with it. The key element in the strap-hiding tie is to bring the straps up over your shoulders from the front, cross them in back, bring them around front, then thread them back through the crossed back so that those straps are pulled straight down instead of in an X.
Does that help?
Yes, it does, thanks! :)
Ken Chevy2 years ago
That is a really cute outfit.  It looks expensive.  I know just the girl I will give your instructions to, it will look wonderful on her.  You also used colors that complement each other very well.

Well done.  Thank you.

sss_cool2 years ago
you are so beautiful & gorgeous..
valcider2 years ago
You are very talented!
billbillt2 years ago
Yes, a very well done project..Got my vote!...
pprrado2 years ago
you are gorgeous
deregering2 years ago
I do like the combination of 2 fabrics. Thanks a lot!!
voted, I think it's the best, well done & good luck :)
SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  instructascott2 years ago
Thanks very much!
l8nite2 years ago
this wouldn't look as good on me as it does on you.. thank you for sharing