Step 4: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
Sew the waistband into a loop.
  • Right sides together, sew the seam that is twice the length of the bottom of your rib cage to the top of your boobs.
  • You can use a straight stitch.
  • Fold the loop in half so that the wrong sides are together.
Sew the straps to the skirt.
  • Right sides together, sew the end of a strap to the circle you made for your waist.
  • Tip: It may be easier to do this if you don't pin.
  • Tip: Use a stretch fabric or zigzag stitch so that your seams can stretch.
  • Sew on the other strap in the same manner. Make the straps overlap by half of the width of one strap.
Sew the waistband onto the skirt.
  • Place the raw edges of the waistband on the outside of the circle, sandwiching the straps.
  • Tip: Be careful here! Look at a picture of the finished project and poke around at your piece to make sure that everything is in the right order.
  • Tip: Pin this one. You might need to stretch something as you sew to make them fit together properly.
  • Sew with a stretch or zigzag stitch.
And that's it! Now you have a dress!