Picture of Infinity Fleece Scarf Tutorial
Don't you just love fleece and all its possibilities? I love everything about it, the softness, the ease when washing, how well it sews and that you don't have to hem it if you don't want!

Today I want to share this quick and easy tutorial for making this scarf.
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Step 1: To begin

Picture of to begin
You only need a piece of fleece that measures about 12x60" (most fleece fabrics measure about 60" wide)

Step 2: Step 2

Picture of step 2
Fold both small ends with either side together:

Step 3: Step 3

Picture of step 3
Sew along dashed line with a seam allowance of 3/8" and backstitch beginning and end:

Step 4: Step 4

Picture of step 4
This is how your seam looks like now. Place scarf in front of you with raw seams facing you:

Step 5: Step 5

Picture of step 5
Zigzag stitch right over the center seam with a really wide stitch. Backstitch beginning and end with a regular straight stitch:

Step 6: Step 6

Picture of step 6
This is how it looks from the other side now:

Step 7: Done

Picture of done
Add a pretty button for some visual interest and enjoy it!
mniswanger7 months ago

Very nice

That looks so soft and comfy!