This is an "Infinity" design LED mirror that I constructed several months back. An old Army buddy of mine found a beautiful 4 foot by 2 1/2 foot frame that someone was throwing away, and we decided to make a LARGE version of one of these mirrors!

Step 1: Get you a nice frame or build one yourself

This is the antique hardwood frame that my buddy got for free! I would definitely recommend a hardwood for the frame, as we will be adding on quite a few components and two HEAVY sheets of glass to get the desired reflective effect. Also, make sure that you plan out the entire build before starting.

<p>great project ! I am about to make it. How thick are the glasses ?</p>
<p>Hi </p><p>How do i get one of these mirrors and how much are they???</p><p>Thank you </p><p>Pamela</p>
Pamela, thanks for your interest! I sold this piece over a year ago, and haven't made another since. The materials alone cost $200, and that's with a frame I acquired for free. Shipping a piece this size would also be prohibitive, due to the weight and fragility of glass. It was more of an experiment to see if I could make a huge one of these.
<p>can i use 2 semi mirror faceing each other</p>
<p>i am using it inplace of i side mirror and other side plane glass</p>
It wouldn't work for a side window in your car, but you might be able to make it work for a side mirror.
<p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong>i want to make a led infinite mirror for that i use 2 glass of one side coted with black fillm used in cars each would it work</strong>.</p>
Getting ready for Halloween. Just finished putting the lights in and can't wait to hang it.
<p>Here's my first Mirror...it was a birthday present for my niece and she absolutely loves it!.</p><p>I incorporated mirrored letters spelling her name and hearts &amp; butterflies</p>
love it
<p>Thank you for the inspiration.</p><p>I made some small modifications to the project.</p><p>1) ripped out the inner parts from the RGB controller and desoldered off the parts which wouldn't fit into my niche which I dremeled into the frame.</p><p>2) added some deco-diamonds since it was a birthday present for my girl friend</p><p>3) used vinyl foil to stick the half mirror to the front and make up a nice frame look</p><p>4) back mirror was sticked to the wooden frame with universal sillicone</p><p>back mirror was 4.99&euro; from woolworth, the front glass was of the same size from a picture frame, which was 3.99&euro; (40x50cm). the other materials were in our basement.</p>
what if u put a graphene touch film over the mirror so it could be activated by touch? there is probably a better way to do that, but graphene came to mind.
<p>looks like a portal into cyberspace or something!!!!!</p>
<p>Wow, that is gorgeous! </p>
just lovely. it's large and has the most prominent infinity effect. are the Led bright enough to use as regular night lamp?
<p>Bhvm;</p><p>It's definitely bright enough to use as a nightlight. The brightness is diminished slightly due to the light passing through the two-way glass. The LEDs were insanely bright when I tested them prior to installation!</p>
Lovely! <br>Perhaps we could use 1W high power LEDs next time, the Mirror will then be so Bright so as to act as accent lamp or even make up mirror. <br> <br>Perhaps your mirror should replace the classic fairy tale &quot;mirror Mirror who's the most beautiful&quot;. Its just as magical and beautiful!
<p>That's a great idea! I'm sure that brighter LEDs would extend the &quot;tunnel&quot; effect even more. Thanks for the suggestion!</p>
<p>does this still work as a regular mirror when not in use?</p>
<p>MJimenez; it does function as a regular mirror when not in use. I like to surprise people with the lighting effect as they're checking it out!</p>
<p>Some people use security film as the first 50:50 mirror - its much cheaper. Use it on its own or perhaps apply it to a clear glass sheet for something this size (so it doesn't flex). Have you tried that ?</p>
<p>XTL;</p><p>I considered using the film, but after some research I found that it may bubble or detach over time. Since this is a closed system, it'd be very difficult to fix. If you'd like to save $ on a smaller build though, I'm sure it'd work just fine!</p>
<p>just an idea. if you used a neopixel strip instead you would have control over each &quot;pixel&quot; and could have cool animations and moving effects</p>
Dusty, that's a great idea that I'll have to look into for my next build. Thank you for the feedback!
<p>I've done several infinity tunnels for our haunted house and recently found a matching pair of mirrored patio doors , I was thinking about building a 1' spacer and adding flame decals for a burning tunnel look but this might be even cooler and most likely simpler since I could use the edge around the window and just attach the doors together... thank you for sharing ! </p>
<p>this is awesome, I'm planning to make one aswell soon!</p>
<p>Where's the video? </p>
That is neat. Got to make time with all my other projects waiting. Thanks for your project
<p>Amazing !</p>
<p>Very nice job and a good instructable.</p><p>Bill</p>
That's really cool bro

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