Infinity Lamp




Introduction: Infinity Lamp

Infinity lamp looks very beautiful and yet simple to make.

It works on the principle of total internal reflection of light.

It can be made in any shape and size with endless creative ideas.

Step 1: Making of the Frame.

The first step is to make the frame of this lamp.

Because this lamp require a mirror and a 2-way glass, it is going to be little heavy and delicate and therefore it require a robust frame, preferably made out of wood. Once the frame is made, cover it up with paint or fabric like leatherette.

Step 2: Frame Assembly

Once the wooden frame is built. Attach a mirror at the bottom of the frame (on the far side).

And attach the 2-way glass on the top of the frame. Care should be taken to ensure that the reflective or polished side of the 2-way glass should be facing inside of the frame, so that it is able to reflect the light towards the mirror at the bottom.

Step 3: Assembling the Light

Attach the LED/Light in between the mirror and the 2-way glass so that it keeps reflecting back and forth between the two. The 2-way glass at the top should be attached in such a way that it should be easily taken out and assembled back effortlessly for the ease of repair and maintenance.



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