Not entirely movie accurate.
This is an arc reactor prop I made, (second attempt) Which has an infinity mirror in the centre
Powered by a cellphone battery(Li-ion), and uses ~320ma in total.
Not as thin as a few other models.
hey I was wondering if that type of sunglass would work. did you get any special type or would some you'd find at Walmart work?
This reminds me of a toroidal transformer ;)
nice job man.....easy to make, cheap, great...nice ma nice...do you have facebook i you have please add me as your friend.... <a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=200457469969792&set=a.164255006923372.40323.100000166206040#!/djputa100">my facebook profile</a>
I like how you combined an infinity mirror with the arc reactor prop, I always felt the props needed a little more to them do give an idea of a large amount of power in a small package. Clever use of the tinted sunglass lense for the infinity mirror.

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