Infinity Scarf on a Loom





Introduction: Infinity Scarf on a Loom

I make scarfs and hats on the round and flat looms. For now I will show you how I make Infinity scarf on a flat loom. I also don't know all fancy thing about knitting. I know if do to bulky yarns on a loom you a break the loom pins or bean the tool all to hell. I do this to relax me and try to help others. For all I know I may be doing it wrong. All I've seen I make tough stuff, and over build sometimes. 

Step 1:

I start by joining two lite yarn with a overhand knot. Then with half-hitch the loose end pin, and start rapping the yarn around the pins.

Step 2:

When get to the end start wining back to other end.

Step 3:

Know tie your loose end with your supply end with a fisherman knot follow by a over hand knot.   

Step 4:

Now wining and flip over yarn till you have length that you need. 

Step 5:

I myself will go to around 6 feet or there so.

Step 6:

Now weave front end to your back end on the loom. And flip it on too it shelf.

Step 7:

Now take it off and crochet to tie loose end off. And tie it off with fisherman's knot. 

Step 8:

Enjoy, give to friend, family. Or in my case donate to some one. :) And if I miss anything let me know, and please share. 



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    This Seems Cool.

    can you update the photos they are not clear enough

    It will have to wait, till the next scarf. I'm mostly making hats, right now.