Picture of Inflatable Bed to Stand-Up Paddle Board Pump Adapter
Across Tomales Bay in Point Reyes National park are some of my favorite campsites, which can only be reached by boat.  On our most recent trip, my wife, Christy, was concerned about sleeping comfortably on just a sleeping pad due to a rib injury and being many months pregnant.  Since we either sail or paddle across the bay, weight of gear isn't much of an issue, and since our boats are an inflatable kayak and an inflatable stand-up paddle board, I was already carrying a hand pump.  To ensure her comfort, I brought an inflatable bed, and made an adapter so I could inflate the bed with my stand-up paddle board's pump once we reached the campsite.  I modeled the adapter in Autodesk Inventor, and printed it on an Objet Polyjet 3D printer.  Happy, restful camping ensued!

Step 1: Measure connections

Picture of Measure connections
Here are pictures of the connectors at the end of the stand-up paddle board pump and the inflatable bed.  I measured the dimensions of each piece using dial calipers.  
jhamrick21 year ago

pretty cool custom adapter, have you thought about making more of them? (I'd buy a handful of them)

ariviera3 years ago
I missed the "pump" in the title. For a moment there I thought you were showing us how to make a SUP out of a inflatable mattress.
canida ariviera2 years ago
That's exactly what's going on in Step 5! Didn't work particularly well, though. Probably needs fins.