Step 17: Turn the Frame Inside Out.

Push your arm through the spout and slowly, carefully and gently pull the inflatable heart tube through the spout. By the time you are done it should be inside out.
Thanks for the instructable. I have a home health client in a wheelchair. She uses inflatable latex cushions (&quot;Roho&quot; brand) which only last about 2 years before springing leaks. They are like innertubes but bike shops, etc., won't touch them. (&quot;It won't work, just trust me on this.&quot;) <br>How much air pressure do you think this technique would endure? <br> I still have to take my tire gauge and check how full the cushion is when she is sitting on it. <br> <br>Thanks.
just about how long does it take to make this?<br>
It took about 2 -3 weeks and a lot of work if I remember correctly.
love it!<br />
you could make a good couch
Ok, so a year after originally posted-so is the love seat and recipient still going strong? Hope so...
Aauw...it's a real loveseat! That is really sweet. Nice Job!
How did she like it?
Wonderful, it is creative from every aspect of it. You could make and sell these you know! okay, maybe it was a labor of 'love'.... don't want to go commercial. Love it!
Great! Last picture shows how cool it is! ;) what about beanbag?
Dude, Crazy.... Great work!
This is one hell of a Valentine's Day gift. The hard work, the care and the devotion just warm my heart. Nice job randofo!
Congrats! Looks great.
this is the best v-day instructable i've seen so far, nice!
I hope this wins the valentines contest, its way too awesome. P.S. This project might also make a pretty nifty Giant beanbag,(that is, if you cared to hassle with those pesky styrofoam beans). Perhaps as an alternative if you can't get it to inflate...?
Thats genius.... though i worry that it might start to eat people like the sofas in black books O_O

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