Inflatable Lungs





Introduction: Inflatable Lungs

Hii i,m rakesh in kaggalipura nook i,m showing how to work over lungs you try the project follow the step for using home materials


stiff plastic bottle

small 2 balloons and big 1 balloons

2 rubber bands


y shape three way joint

Step 1: Take Water Bottle

cut the hard plastic bottle 15-cm from top

Step 2: Y Shape Pipe

y shapped plastic joint

Step 3: Attach Balloon

attach two balloons with rubber bands to lower joint

Step 4: Hole the Cap

make a smoll hole in the bottel lid with hole

Step 5: Attach the Material

press fit this into the bottle hole

Step 6: Look Like Over Body

the model will look like this at this stage

Step 7: Take Cut the Balloon

cut a big good quality balloon

Step 8: Fit the Balloon

stretch the balloon on the lower part of the bottle

Step 9: Pull the Balloon See the Working Condition

pull balloon membrane down to inflate both red balloon lungs

Step 10: Release the Balloon

release red rubber to deflate lungs

Step 11: Pull and Push the Balloon

pull red rubber again to inflate lungs keep pulling and releasing



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As a nurse who works with ventilators, I will build this to explain the difference between positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure breathing. It's brilliant!

I have some inflatable lungs, but their in my chest.

ok i will do more then projects in scince

What a cool idea to be able to visualize how our lungs work! Great job!