Inflatable Origami: Paper Cube




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Introduction: Inflatable Origami: Paper Cube

A cute girl showing how to make a paper cube. One of the few "inflatable origami" out there.

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    I feel your pain man, it wont load for me either!

    From hearing the comments, it makes me even more frustrated, because, IT WONT LOAD! Why!?!?!?

    The cubes look somewhat squishy, and round... *wink*

    ohh shes playing with her flaps

    Very nice!

    that's funny right there...i don't care who you are! you picked that name just to go around and have "very nice!" as your only posts didn't you?

    Actually it goes: I don't care who you are, that's funny right there! I used to like LtCG, but when I found out his accent was fake, and that he was an insult to us rednecks everywhere, I lost all faith in him.

    us rednecks? with anime avitars?

    I'm sorry. Where, in any written or unwritten code, does it say I can't be an anime-enjoying redneck? ;] Nowhere. But yes. Us rednecks with ANIME AVATARS<3

    yes he did