This was a behemoth of a project involving an inflatable costume, a LED costume, and a glove that controlled the colors and patterns of the LEDs.

I’ve been wanting to make an inflatable creature that would give birth to me for a while now (lots of my friend’s are having babies, so I guess my subconscious is trying to digest this).  In this project, the giant evil mama bear gives birth to a slutty baby bear with LEDs, who then performs a LED hula-hoop number.  After the main show I used the “power glove” to control the led lights while dancing and socializing.

Step 1: Evil Teddy Bear 1: Sketching

I’m a firm believer is sketching lots of ideas first.  After deciding what we are doing, we can start making!

The nylon to use is important.  I found that an impermeable nylon was more important than a lightweight nylon.  I went to the fabric store and tried to blow air through the nylon.  If air can’t go through, then it’s good. If air can't go through, and it’s a light fabric that is better.  Parachutes are made of rip stop nylon or ballistic nylon, which I couldn’t find.  I guess if you can find this it would work better.
<p>This is quite interesting. Inflatables with LED! Once i saw some vedio on youtube, the NBA is also playing inftatables. </p>
LOve the hooping. WHat brand LED Hoops do u use?
I bought them from http://www.troohoops.com/. I've had them for over a year and done LOTS of shows with them. They are still holding up.
OMG! <br>This stuff is SOOOOO amazing! <br>I'm definitely gonna try making my own at home! <br>Thanks for the amazing (and clear) TIPS!!!!!!
Thanks :-)

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