Informational Wine Tags




Introduction: Informational Wine Tags

Great for Thanksgiving dinners and holiday parties.

I come from a family of beer drinkers, but I like my wine. So, if I’m going to host a holiday party, there’s going to be wine. How do I get my family and friends to learn a bit more about this fine alcoholic beverage made of fermented grapes? Make it simple and fun.

So I researched some of the more popular red and white wines, jotted down their pronunciation, a short general description and created tags for each.

Step 1: Print and Trim

Print from pdf on card stock, trim and punch hole

Hang these on your wine bottles, red ribbon for red wine, silver or white ribbon for white. Print extras for all the wine you’ll receive as gifts.

Now, if a guest doesn’t quite know what they might like, all they have to do is read the tag and try it...and then try another, and another...

If the jpgs aren't clear enough, email me and I'll send you a hi-res pdf.



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