Picture of Infrared Finger Lights!

Bring these quick infrared finger lights on the go and take some night vision pics and vids! These little lights are great for taking pictures in the dark with your cell phone, digital camera, and other portable devices. All you need are those cheap, tiny finger lights of any color and one infrared LED for each finger light.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials


1 Finger Light



1 Infrared (IR) LED (You can also just get these from old TV remotes)



Solder Wire



Optional Wire

You may need some thin single strand wire in case the ends on the IR LED(s) aren't long enough. You will not need long LED ends if your finger lights have circuit boards instead of just a switch though. :)


Soldering Iron



Other things needed

Ventilation System While Soldering

Soldering creates toxic fumes that are definitely not healthy to breath in. Outside on a porch or a computer fan with foam on it ( will work just fine.

Work Station While Soldering

Soldering can be very dangerous and can be a fire hazard. A quick fix for this if you don't have a good, clean, fire-resistant, surface is some aluminum foil! The solder won't stick to it and two layers or so will prevent any disasters.

Now that we've all our materials, let's get started!

Step 2: Opening The Finger Light

The pictures will show a lot of what to do. Pry open the case using something thin like a small flat head screw driver. Be careful not to crack or break the case on the finger light. Also remember to take off that ring around the LED and the casing. Take apart the two halves of the case so that we can take things out of the light and put things in.