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This flashlight uses High-Output Infrared LED's that seems invisible to the naked eye, but when seen on camera, it shows as working LED's. It is also the first Infrared Instructables posted.

Step 1: Materials

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1.  6-LED flashlight
2.  6 High-Output Infrared LED's (RadioShack)
3.  Soldering Iron
**This can work with any LED flashlight**

Step 2: First...

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Take apart the flashlight.

Step 3: Second...

1.  Locate the circuit board and De-solder the 6 white LED's
2.  Solder in the 6 High-Output Infrared LED's being careful to check the polarity

Step 4: Lastly... Assemble the Flashlight!!!

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Assemble the flashlight!!!

You now have an Infrared flashlight that can only be seen on camera . . . what will you do with it?!


PetraP1 (author)2015-01-30

Needed to be shown the circuit board & how-to. Ah well....

michaelgc (author)2014-06-09

This is great, seems simple enough... now just figuring out what I will do with it if I made it...

shaggydoo121 (author)2013-07-23

Thank you very much for this instructable. I ghost hunt and this would work very well in that application .

KingOfCatfish (author)2010-10-06

I do like this, but what was your range with this neat lil tool? Oh, and you wouldn't happen toi know the product number, would you?

amalfitano (author)KingOfCatfish2010-10-06

The range is not that far (only a couple of feet ...if you're lucky). The flashlight is sold in a pack of three at The Home Depot. It is a product of Iron Bridge Tools. The pack comes with a silver one, a red one, and a black one. It was $10!

Shadow13! (author)amalfitano2010-11-11

I got the same thing at Lowes for $5.

I got an even better deal at Harbor Freight Tools.... 3 LED flashlights with 9 (!) LEDs in each one for 5$....

I put the led in the brim of a ball cap and now my face is obscured from big brother behind CCTV.

Shadow13! (author)2010-11-11

I have been planning to do the exact same thing with and identical flashlight.

MadScientist101 (author)2010-11-02

what did YOU do with it?

aradi (author)2010-08-30

Done that last year about 8-10 months ago Except mine was high power Ultra Violate

amalfitano (author)aradi2010-08-30


aradi (author)amalfitano2010-08-31


dark sponge (author)2010-08-28

Why did you post an exact duplicate of your other Instructable? Did you do it to enter the LED contest? You can't win if you do something exactly the same as before!

amalfitano (author)dark sponge2010-08-28

i wanted to give this awesome invention a chance, thanks for ruining it

dark sponge (author)amalfitano2010-08-29

What is that supposed to mean?

eralon (author)2010-08-29

I'm curious what you had to pay for the IR LED's. Also, do they have a higher energy need than regular LED's? I made a 5-bulb flashlight before (wired in series), but didn't have any resistors and they all burned out after a running time of about 3 hours. Also, what is the effective range of this light (did you test it with a camera at night?)

kelseymh (author)2010-08-26

Bzzzt. Thank you for playing, but no. This is not even close to the first IR Instructable. An inability to do basic research is not an excuse for claiming priority.

Kryptonite (author)kelseymh2010-08-27

A little un-researched, evidently.

amalfitano (author)Kryptonite2010-08-27


Kryptonite (author)amalfitano2010-08-29

Just your search for infrared Instructables.

amalfitano (author)kelseymh2010-08-27

sorry, i used key words and couldn't find anything

kelseymh (author)amalfitano2010-08-27

And you didn't think to type "infrared"? What keyword did you use to look for infrared I'bles and not find any?

Ssslouter (author)2010-08-26

I just don't understand, how does it help anyone to have a flashlight that no one can see? No offense, I just want to understand.

amalfitano (author)Ssslouter2010-08-27

This is so only the person with the camera can see what the flashlight it pointed at

kelseymh (author)amalfitano2010-08-27

Well, actually, anyone with a camera. If you're sneaking across a dark yard at night, it would probably be pretty clever of you to look through your camera phone first, and see if someone is using an IR surveillance system.

kelseymh (author)Ssslouter2010-08-26

Night vision -- your digital camera or phone can see IR, but your eyeballs can't. So you can illuminate your yard, or doorway, or whatever, and no one knows you're doing so.

amalfitano (author)kelseymh2010-08-27


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