Picture of Infrared light switch
Hello friends of Instructables. I am here again. The project that I bring that is more useful for the lazy.
Imagine you're lying in your bed, it's cold and you're too lazy to get up from his bed to go turn on the light of your room. Then the same bed, you pick up the remote control for your TV and connect the lamp from your room and also off with the same control. Not a good design and interesting?
This is my project! Turn on and off the lamp in his room so many appliances in your home. The project essay around the photo down there ...

download the files here:
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
1 CI PHSC-38 (or TSOP 1738)
1 CI 4017
1 Transistor BC 558
1 Transistor BC 548
1 Relay 5V 100 mA
1 Diode 1N4007
1 red LED
1 green LED
1 Capacitor 100uF 16 V electrolytic
2 resistors 1k - 1 / 8 W
2 resistors 330 to 1 / 8 W
1 resistor 100k - 1 / 8 W
1 Resistor 100 - 1 / 8 W
1 resistor 220k - 1 / 8 W

Step 2: Schematic, Adjustments, the PCB and finish

In the original circuit is used the sensor TSOP 1738. I used the sensor that I had at hand, the PHSC-38. The site where I got the circuit did not have the PCB, so I used the program PCB Wizard to make the PCB.

The PCB is easy to make, and if you want to use the sensor TSOP 1738, you must modify the paths in the sensor. The board, which has a rectangle, over there is a place to cut, a tearing of the plate to make a network isolation and high current circuit, so to avoid interference.
Sorry, but I don't have pictures of assembly.
After you build your circuit, test and deploy it wherever you want. The circuit works with any remote control (often within the 38Khz). I hope everything goes right in your assembly. Until next. bye!
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kashifk13 months ago

ASSALAM -O-ALAIKUM, what is its range of working can you tell me. i will be waiting for your response.

Nemweb (author)  kashifk13 months ago
Something about 10 meters or even more. Depends of your IR light source and daylight.
ibrahimazam117 months ago

i cannot find TSOP 1738 in my country.... can i use pic26043sm instead???

Nemweb (author)  ibrahimazam117 months ago

Don't appear to have any problem with it. Probably usable.

hikram9 months ago

remote (of good range) for this receiver ?

Nemweb (author)  hikram9 months ago

it is designed to use standard TV remote control or any other that has a 38KHz signal.

hikram9 months ago

if we want to increase the output load, like from 100W to 200W or so ... What amendment would required in the circuit ?? please guide

Nemweb (author)  hikram9 months ago

Just buy a relay that fits your needs. Most common relays can handle this power.

imakethings5 years ago
willl it trigger the relay continuously?

Nemweb (author)  imakethings9 months ago

yes, it wil.

gprakash11 year ago
Hai friend its very usefull project, in the circuit photos you displayed only 5 resistors, in the pcb layout you displayed 6 resistors, in the requirements you say 7 resistors, please suggest me what is the exact number off resistors, and what picture I have to follow, please inform me to my mail id friend, ,
Nemweb (author)  gprakash11 year ago
Follow the PCB. I add one resistor to the first transistor to don't left the signal floating. I may made some mistake counting then.
syedj941 year ago
is it possible to try this on breadboard first?
Nemweb (author)  syedj941 year ago
Yes! Of course you can. Just pay attention to the relay: it may not fit on breadbord. I'll be thankfull you post your images
syedj941 year ago
Oh Ok. Then perhaps resistors might help. Thanks! :)
Nemweb (author)  syedj941 year ago
Re3sistors? where? and why?
syedj94 Nemweb1 year ago
he said more current needs to be lowered, therefore a few resistors might help... but i am not using any
syedj941 year ago
So you used a 6VDC relay too?
Nemweb (author)  syedj941 year ago
yes haha But is better to use the right voltage to don't raise amps on transistor, but as here it don't matter a lot, I used 6V relay without any problem.
syedj941 year ago
How about a 6VDC 10A 120V relay?
Nemweb (author)  syedj941 year ago
Well, it MAY work there. It worked here. (:
syedj941 year ago
can I use a 9vdc 10A 120v relay instead?
Nemweb (author)  syedj941 year ago
Yes, but you have to modify the circuit to power your relay. If you just put a 9V coil relay instead 5V it won´t work.
Ahad Baksh2 years ago
nice job man!!
wanna ask u the input source u using is '' 5v dc" but of what 'amp'??

capacitor C2 is of what value?
because your circuit diagram and schematic diagram having o.1uf & 100uf values of C2 respectively.

thnks :)
Nemweb (author)  Ahad Baksh2 years ago
The amperage will be something about 200mA, depends of your relay!
And about the cap value, you can choice. Bigger values will make that the answer be slow and better, and lower values, faster answer and more failed!
Thank you and good luck man ;D
Utsav252 years ago
Hi. This is a great circuit that you have posted .I've tried rebuilding it for myself .But even after using the correct parts and rechecking their values , the circuit starts on automatically as soon as I apply the power.Could you please tell me how to stop this false triggering?
Nemweb (author)  Utsav252 years ago
Hi. It isn't a false triggering, but it's on the circuit! Just change the ON to pin 3 and OFF to pin 2. This is normal an CD4017 start like that. My circuit also starts like that.
Utsav25 Nemweb2 years ago
Thank you .This change should work great for me .
sunil sheth5 years ago
 may I know your age?
Nemweb (author)  sunil sheth4 years ago
I'm 14 =)
OH!!! I'm 15 and i dont know anything about these things. Can you teach me smething??? PLS..... sometimes on come on iternet so send me an email and wait for my reply. Email: Thank You very much in advance
Nemweb (author)  njrajgelani2 years ago
I learned all this in internet, some books and trying! Google now very thing! XD
guzz03 years ago
hi,i used the tsop1738 sensor but i dont quite get how to make the insolation, so it keeps turning on and off on its own. can you help??
Nemweb (author)  guzz03 years ago
I don't know, but a several numbers of IR sensors have a solar light filter. The PHSC-38 have it.
is this universal??? Like can i take ANY IR code?
Nemweb (author)  Constantthinker432113 years ago
You can get almost all IR code
Nemweb (author) 5 years ago
I don't understand your question!
imakethings5 years ago
can u post a schematic for IR transmitter??

Nemweb (author)  imakethings5 years ago
The IR transmitter is a remote control of TV, CD player and other devices.
imakethings5 years ago
is IC1 CD4017 is a flip flop?? will it latch the realy??
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