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Introduction: Infused Olive Oil

This is my first instructable any advise will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
In this project we will be making olive oil infused with chile peppers. This olive oil can be used any place regular olive oil,  where you will like to add a like kick. I suggest using it on homemade garlic bread or grill chicken.

Step 1:

If you wanted to use the oil soon you can follow these steps.
1.Wash Chiles and either dice up or use a food processor to liquify the chiles
2. Heat the Olive Oil to approximately 140*F you can measure the temperature
with a candy thermometer. (If it burns its too hot)
3. Take the Olive Oil off the heat.
4.  Add oil and chiles to a separate bowl to cool.
5. Once the Oil cools safely pour the oil into a distilled bottle.
6. Store in the refrigerator and use within  three of weeks. (olive oil has about half the shelve life as other types of oils)

Step 2:

For this project I wanted decorative bottle.
If your not in a rush to use the oil and would prefer to have a bottle with whole chiles use the method below.
1. Wash the chiles and dry off thoroughly.
2. Place the chiles in the a distilled bottle.
3. Pour the Olive Oil in the bottle(a funnel is recommended).
4.Let the Oil rest a week in the refrigerator for the chiles to soak into the oil.
5. Store in refrigerator and use within a couple of weeks or keep on the table for decoration.

Step 3:

After the oil is made add your own flare.
Create your own label on the computer  and decorate the bottle.
Other ingredients that you can add to oil are garlic, basil, rosemary.
Just have fun with it.



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I'm a big fan of garlic, oregano, and chili myself. Maybe with a curl of lemon zest.
Looks good! Love the custom labels.