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Introduction: Organize Your Bathroom Quick & Cheap!

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Find all your bathroom supplies in ONE convenient spot...making your morning and evening routines a fast, easy, space-saving (and cheap!) sinch! Got Kids? Effortlessly keep the bathroom spick and span while helping your kiddies find--and put away--their bathroom goodies like a boss!

Step 1: Dollar It Up!

Go to your local Dollar Store and buy for each person in the family and to suite each person's bathroom supplies storage needs. These stores have bins with different sections, handles, and sizes and all for about $1.00! I chose a different color for each person in our family of five (and had the kids pick out their favorite colors) so they can easily find and identify their individual bins (even for the little ones that can't read their name yet but know the colors).

Step 2: Get Multiples

Get multiples of bathroom items used by everyone from this same Dollar Store. I'm talking everyone gets their own toothbrush (which they should have already, lol), toothpaste, floss/mouthwash (for whoever uses it), hairbrush/comb, hair ties/bobby pins, hand-held mirrors, Q-tips/cotton balls, face washes, deodorants, etc, etc, etc. (I only leave the hand soap and/or hand sanitizer out at the sink for "group" use--aka not stored in the individual bins.) Getting multiples ensures that there is NO fighting over like items and that everyone feels included and special. For adults (even just a living-together couple), it ensures everyone can have their own space and determined areas for their things.

Now, each person can just grab their bin in the morning or evening and have everything they need in one spot for a quick getting-ready experience. Plus, this makes cleaning up a breeze because kiddies just put everything back in their own bin and put that bin away. (Kids also love that they have all their own stuff, so they tend to take better care of it and they actually WANT to put it all back in it's place...SCORE!) It also de-clutters the top of the vanity/sink so you can have more room for things that matter--like decorations ;)

Step 3: Tips & Tricks

1. Inner-Bin Storage:

The Dollar Store is also perfect for little inner-bin storage. For example, they have little two-drawer organizers that can store hair ties and bobby pins, or Q-tips and cotton balls, etc. This keeps everything neat and tidy within the bins. Or plain old Ziploc baggies do the trick, too!

2. Makeup Overload:

If you have a lot of makeup items, keep your favorites (or most used ones) in your bin for quick access. Then store your excess makeup in other life hacks storage bins (that you've most likely found here on Instructables or on the internet). :)

3. Dress It Up:

Little girls and teens alike (hey--even grown women!) LOVE to have things that feel special (which also encourages them to take extra special care of their things). The Dollar Store has plenty of cheap but pretty ways to make even the most useful product feel more special. For instance: getting your girls a special "princess" mirror, or a fun "designer" mirror, or even the fun character toothbrushes etc that these stores have. Be creative!

That's all, folks! Simple, cheap, and ingenious! Enjoy your newly-found peace and tidy bathroom. Your ;)



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    5 Discussions

    I too have a tendency to bounce around from room to room and start something in every room and never finishing the job or jobs that I have started. Thank you for your clever hints. I will put them to good use tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    2 replies

    Let me know how it goes. Hopefully it doesn't stay, "I will do it tomorrow" hahahaha lol...that's what I tend to do ;) Thanks so much for visiting!

    Let me know how it goes. Hopefully it doesn't stay, "I will do it tomorrow" hahahaha lol...that's what I tend to do ;) Thanks so much for visiting!


    2 years ago

    You almost made me want to start cleaning the house at nearly 8:00 P.M. Ha ha! Thanks. While there are only 2 of us in the family and we don't have many toiletries, books, pens and pencils and notebooks abound, along with all sorts of mail and notices, so your ible is a practical motivator. I especially need to pay attention to the warning not to start working on some other room before the first one is finished. Can fritter away a lot of time jumping around! Thanks.

    1 reply

    Oh so you read my Cleaning the House 'ible? lol...sorry 'bout that (making you want to clean)...hahaha! Yes, you're is SO easy to tend to bounce from room to room and it makes me (personally) give up faster because now I feel too overwhelmed. Hopefully the tips will help :) Thanks so much for visiting these 'ibles and thanks for commenting!