DIY Easy Polymer Clay Pies!





Introduction: DIY Easy Polymer Clay Pies!

About: I love making little things out of clay. I love the outdoors and crafty things too.

• TLS (translucent liquid Sculpey)

• bottle cap

• beige clay

• red, hot pink, blue, or ivory depending what pie you make

• oven

Step 1: Take Your Beige Clay and Flatten It Out. Then Put It on the Bottle Cap

Step 2: Push on the Edge of the Bottle Cap to Remove Excess Clay

Step 3: Take Whatever Colored Clay You Have for the Berries and Roll It Out Then Cut and Roll It Into Small Balls

For apples if you want apple pie you get ivory clay and roll it out. Then cut it in half. After cut slices of that and it looks like apple slices!

Step 4: Make Enough to Fill the Pie. Then Add TLS.

Step 5: Now Fill the Pie Up.

Step 6: Then Take Some More Beige Clay Flatten It Out and Cut It to a Square. Then Cut It Into 6 Strips

Step 7: Take the Strips and Lay Three Out Like Shown. Then Take the Other Three and Lay Those Out.

Then cut of the edges. Oh I forgot to over lap them so if you want to know how to do that I'll sow a picture on the next step

Step 8: This Is How to Over Lap the Strips (optional)

First take the middle strip and take it up and put another on under that. Then take the ones on the edge up and put one under that. Then put up the middle on and put the last one under.

Step 9: Now You Just Have to Bake!

Put it in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 min.

Step 10: Now You Are Done! and Plz Check Out My Other Instructables =)



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    These tiny pies are cute how can u make Scented?

    2 replies

    maybe color the berries with a scented marker?

    well the only thing i can think of is use perfume.

    What on earth! These pies are so damn cool even without flour@@ love them

    Adorable, and great idea using the bottle caps. Maybe make a pie pendant that has two slices cut out of it and make a set of pie slice earrings.

    3 replies

    that would be cool but i can't find a way to cut the cap :(

    Wouldn't want to cut the cap, that's the pie tin.Cute idea.

    My first thought was to put a magnet on the back.

    yea I'm not going to cut the cap but it would be AWESOME if u made it a magnet!!! never thought of that :)

    it makes me hungry too! but i wish it got featured oh well

    It has been featured. :)