• TLS (translucent liquid Sculpey)

• bottle cap

• beige clay

• red, hot pink, blue, or ivory depending what pie you make

• oven

Step 1: Take Your Beige Clay and Flatten It Out. Then Put It on the Bottle Cap

<p>it is sooooo fun to make these</p>
What on earth! These pies are so damn cool even without flour@@ love them
<p>Super cute!!</p>
These tiny pies are cute how can u make Scented?
<p>well the only thing i can think of is use perfume.</p>
<p>They are so cute and they look so real!</p>
<p>look nice</p>
<p>Thank you! =)</p>
<p>My oven only goes to 240 degrees :(</p>
<p>then u just bake it to 20 or to 25 min</p>
Adorable, and great idea using the bottle caps. Maybe make a pie pendant that has two slices cut out of it and make a set of pie slice earrings.
<p>that would be cool but i can't find a way to cut the cap :(</p>
<p>Wouldn't want to cut the cap, that's the pie tin.Cute idea. </p><p>My first thought was to put a magnet on the back.</p>
<p>yea I'm not going to cut the cap but it would be AWESOME if u made it a magnet!!! never thought of that :)</p>
<p>delicious :)</p>
<p>These are adorable! I want to eat them! haha</p>
<p>it makes me hungry too! but i wish it got featured oh well</p>
<p>It has been featured. :)</p>
<p>now its featured! :):):):)</p>
These look sooooo cute! I love it=)
<p>thx ill be making more things like this</p>
<p>So cute! If you used the bottle caps that have the rings in them already you would have a delicous pendent! Nice work!</p>
<p>Thx so much and i was thinking of dong the pendent because i have one of those bottle caps but i just didn't do it. =)</p>
So cute!
<p>Thx so much! </p>

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