Ink Made From Root Beer





Introduction: Ink Made From Root Beer

Canadian artist Marcel Dzama works with ink made from root beer - now you can too! It's cheap, easy and the results are quite nice to work with.

Step 1: Find Yourself Some Natural Root Beer.

Look for root beers with sasparilla in them - this natural colorant will last longer than the molasses and dyes used in your average soda pop.

Step 2: Boil Down the Root Beer

On medium heat on the stovetop, warm 1-2 bottles of root beer slowly. The water will evaporate leaving a sticky, concentrated syrup. Be careful not to have the heat on too high, or the sugar will burn easily.

Step 3: Transfer to Small Containers

Once you've got all the water evaporated and are left with your concentrated root beer, pour into small containers to use as paint pots.

Step 4: Create!

With a paintbrush, mix small amounts of water to the reduction to achieve more fluidity; much like you would with a watercolor. Also be sure to use watercolor paper or something of a heavier stock for optimal results. I like to use a warm-toned Arches paper. Enjoy!



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    7 Discussions

    Pretty sweet way of making ink; that Marcel Dzama guy makes weird paintings though (and way to pricy for his kindergarten art).

    I've come across people painting with coffee and tea, but this is the first time I've seen root beer! Cool stuff!

    Aaah! All that wonderful root beer gone to waste! What a fantastic idea, though.

    And he's asking $3,000 for UNTITLED (nude woman births cowboy), 1998 Ink, watercolor, root beer 12 x 9 inches?! L

    2 replies is that guy gonna sell anything with those prices with that quality of art. Coll stuff though.

    @guardianfox - doesn't appear to be any issues, I've had one on my walls for almost 2 years now, not even sticky to the touch. I wondered that, too. @lemonie - he's still got mad style - the pic above is one I did as a class assignment to emulate an artist @theRIAA - thanks! I really like the look of it.