Inked Pumpkin





Introduction: Inked Pumpkin

Create a unique tattooed pumpkin with some interesting lines and designs.

Step 1: Supplies

Art pens
Pumpkin from Michaels (white or orange)
White paint
Foam Brush

Step 2: Pumpkin Designs

1. You can buy a white pumpkin, but I like to still coat it with white paint for a smooth surface.
2. Plan your design by running lines down the natural pumpkin lines. I did not sketch with a pencil, but just worked slowly.
3. Start with a basic checked or lined pattern and then let the creative juices flow! One idea was from some old Tarot Cards. The stem can be repainted if desired.
4. Depending on how large your pumpkin is or complicated design, it takes about 5 hours to complete.
5. It can be sprayed with a clear matte sealant if desired.
Enjoy your Inked Pumpkin!



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    Can this be done on a regular pumpkin sprayed white? I thought Michael's pumpkins weren't real pumpkins..? Thanks!

    It was a small orange pumpkin that I painted white. I also used a white one, but still painted it white because I liked the color better.

    This is one of the more original designs. People rarely think outside of carving.

    It took about 5-6 hours. Some areas go quick if you do lines or polka dots.