Inkscape + Silhouette (Ubuntu/RPi)


Introduction: Inkscape + Silhouette (Ubuntu/RPi)

There is already a plugin out there to control the Silhouette through Inkscape, but we had trouble finding directions for Ubuntu.

This Instructable shows tested steps that can get a Silhouette working using Inkscape software on Ubuntu and RaspberryPi.

First, you'll need Inkscape:

This is part of a Silhouette Portrait Group Build with Instructables at Knox Makers.

Step 1: Get the Plugin

We detailed steps here:

Thanks to Doug and Jondale for throwing together succinct technical steps here.

Step 2: Open Inkscape

After you have committed the changes to the lp group and Inkscape by logging out and logging back in, now open Inkscape.

Get a simple design ready to test out.

Turn on your Silhouette.

Using your SVG image, go to Extensions >> Export >> Send to Silhouette.

There are some settings to try out, but just go ahead and go with the default settings to see if Inkscape can control your Silhouette now.

Step 3: Enjoy!

If all went well, you should now be able to control your Silhouette using Inkscape.



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    Excellent thanks. Works a treat, though the aspect is messed up - at least my laptop is talking to the cutter though

    I was looking just for this info! Thanks! I guess this should work on the Silhouette Portrait as well as on the Cameo?