Inner Tube Ball





Introduction: Inner Tube Ball

This is a ball made of an inner tube. Another one of the thousands of uses for bike inner tubes.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Here is what you need:
1 Bike Inner Tube
Sharp Scissors or Knife (Scissors Make It A Lot Easier)

Step 2: Making the Inner Tube Rings and the Yarn Ball

Ok, this is simple. Make a yarn ball the approximate diameter of the inner tube. Then cut the inner tube into about a quarter of an inch wide rings. Cut between 30-40 depending on how big you want it.

Step 3: Actually Making the Ball

I would start by putting one band around the loose string so it doesn't get in the way. Then keep on stretching the bands around the yarn ball at a point(see pictures). Once you get about five like that, take one band around the middle and keep on alternating like this until no yarn is showing, or its to your desired thickness. Or, you could put the bands around randomly. The alternating design keeps it from getting too lumpy.

Step 4: Finishing Up

All you do is take 4 half inch wide or larger pieces and wrap them on. That way it is smooth, and it will roll better. Or you can leave it how it is for a rough and more grippy surface. It doesn't bounce well, but it rolls for a while. It is kind of hard and dense, so don't peg it at people. It will hurt.



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    Cool, I'm doing this, toys for my dog and cats :)

    I made one with newspaper as the core. Worked well, but it's not perfectly round. I'll make more and use them as juggling balls. Thanks for the instructable!

    So what we got here is a rubber band ball made from an innertube! I've made rubber band balls before and I was always looking for a cheaper alternative to giant rubber bands, I think I found it! Cool idea.

    its a ball. i guess its kinda recycling. it uses up inner tubes to make a toy to play a game called catch! ever heard of it or ever played outside?

    He makes knex guns. I think that explains it all.

    recycling? crafty? fun? an office toy? many many many uses, to my knolege everything has a point to or behind it.

    recycling? crafty? fun? an office toy? many many many uses, to my knolege everything has a point to or behind it.

    i suspect the point may be to make a ball out of an inner tube. or something of that nature.