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Introduction: Inner Tube Knife Sheath

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The title says it all. It is a knife sheath made out of a inner tube. It can even slide onto your belt.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1-Bicycle Inner tube (split lengthwise)
1-Spool of Thread (I used canvas thread)
1-Knife or Something of the Sort
1-Thing of Adheasive Velcro
1-Pair of Scissors

Step 2: Sizing It Up

Step 3: Sew, Sew, and Sew Again

Get your thread and needle and sew up both side. Be sure you don't sew up the top flap, and make sure that it is inside out.

Step 4: Flip It Around

Turn that bad boy inside out. I found the best way is to push something like scissors or a pencil from the bottom.

Step 5: Velcro, Velcro, Everywhere

Not really; just add a little on the flap and the other spot, shown in picture.

Step 6: The Belt Loop

Cut two slits about a half inch to an inch away from each other. Both slits need to be long enough to slip your belt through.

Once you do this, you are done! Now go embrace your inner Bear Grylls and run through the woods like a maniac with your new knife sheath by your side!



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    I would suggest punching holes at the ends of your belt slits so they don't extend. I would punch the holes first then cut to them.

    Cool! What company/model knife is that?

    Great idea, nice 'ible, although the first step could be clearer.

    Good use of the tube, I need something like this. You've got my contest vote.

    By the way, what 'knife' is that you put in the sheath?

    1 reply

    thanks, and that is my leatherman. my first prototype used a knife but for my instructable i made a new one.

    Great idea from a a really useful recyclable material.

    There should be a contest to find other things that can be made from an innertube. I've made thick rubber bands before by cutting them width-wise -- they're called "ranger bands," but I'll bet it can also be used to make other things, for instance, a great waist belt because of it's stretchability.

    1 reply

    i think you can enter the belt idea.