The title says it all. It is a knife sheath made out of a inner tube. It can even slide onto your belt.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1-Bicycle Inner tube (split lengthwise)
1-Spool of Thread (I used canvas thread)
1-Knife or Something of the Sort
1-Thing of Adheasive Velcro
1-Pair of Scissors
I would suggest punching holes at the ends of your belt slits so they don't extend. I would punch the holes first then cut to them.
simple and cheap
I made<br>
Cool! What company/model knife is that?
This is awesome, I'm making one right now!
Great idea, nice 'ible, although the first step could be clearer.<br><br>Good use of the tube, I need something like this. You've got my contest vote.<br><br>By the way, what 'knife' is that you put in the sheath?
thanks, and that is my leatherman. my first prototype used a knife but for my instructable i made a new one.
Great idea from a a really useful recyclable material. <br><br>There should be a contest to find other things that can be made from an innertube. I've made thick rubber bands before by cutting them width-wise -- they're called &quot;ranger bands,&quot; but I'll bet it can also be used to make other things, for instance, a great waist belt because of it's stretchability.<br>
i think you can enter the belt idea.

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